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Qt 4.8.0 namkeのエラー

As I installed 4.8.0 from qt-win-opensource-4.8.0-vs2008.exe on my machine and tried to build it, nmake stopped with this error message;

DefaultLocalizationStrategy.cpp(327) : “error C2001: newline in constant”

It was built on English Windows 7 SP1 with VS9, but I set “Language for non-Unicode programs” to Japanese as I work for some clients from Japan.

I switched it back to English and re-run the configuration(configure -platform win32-msvc2008 -debug-and-release) and then nmake. It went through without any error.

This is done by using “Control Panel” -> “Region and Language”, and pressing “Change System Locale” on “Administrative” Tab to choose English as “Current System Locale”. You have to reboot the PC.

After nmake is completed successfully, I switched it back to Japanese and 4.8.0 is working well so far.